Due to maintenance work, the Lab is not available at the moment.

histHub-Lab is a toolbox for editing data. In the lab, researchers can structure data, enrich it with online resources, link and visualize it.

histHub-Lab allows you to edit data online directly and simply. An installation of tools on your own computer is not necessary. In addition to accessing the tools, histHub provides a set of guides with historical data which explain how to use the available tools. The following programs are currently available in the histHub-Lab:

  • OpenRefine was developed for structuring data. In addition to structuring and editing data, OpenRefine can use APIs to add links to data from other online available sources to its own record and integrate additional information from those linked records into its own data. OpenRefine was originally developed by Google, the Open Source project is being carried on.

Technically, histHub-Lab is made up of containers. The individual applications will be started on demand, the environment will be scaled according to the extent of use. Further tools might be offered in histHub-Lab in the future.