Tool for creating and managing typologies. The application enables the graphical representation of hierarchical classifications and a definition of the individual nodes.

ThesaurusManager (TM) is used to create and manage typologies. In the TM, terms representing a topic can be defined and classified hierarchically. The resulting controlled vocabularies and thesauri can be integrated into a CIDOC-CRM-compatible ontology and are machine-readable with the help of SKOS. 

TM allows you to compare term-trees that belong to different namespaces. On the one hand, the comparisons can be aimed at content-related elements, such as the definition associated with a concept or the multilingual synonyms or original-language terms assigned to a concept label. On the other hand, trees can also be compared from a topological point of view. Users can draw cross-connections between the concepts of different namespaces, for example by specifying that a concept from namespace A is identical or related to a concept from namespace B. In addition, they can edit term-trees or concepts. That way, it is possible to move individual concepts and subtrees in the conceptual structure, and to newly create, to complete, to correct or to delete them. 

The TM supports forms of collaborative research. An access mode determines how the vocabulary is visible and by whom it can be changed (private, publicly visible, modifiable by others). The files of a TM vocabulary can be exported as LOD in different formats and can be processed further.

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