Typology Occupations

A multilingual typology of historical titles, offices, functions and occupational titles in Switzerland improves the accessibility of historical data for modern social-structural research and the comparison of the activities of the various industries in space and time.

histhub Occupation integrates standardized job descriptions and job titles with their historical spelling variations into a multilingual system. The job titles are linked to existing international classifications such as the Historical International Standard Classification of Occupation (HISCO), the Population and Social Structure (PST) or the classification of occupations of the Agentur für Arbeit (KldB). The typology is developed in close cooperation with the project Ontologie historischer deutschsprachiger Berufs- und Amtsbezeichnungen. It is under construction and has not been published yet. 

Currently, histHub Occupation refers to the approximately 600 job titles of the histHub personal authority database with German-language definitions. The designations are, if possible, translated into French and Italian and assigned to existing classifications (HISCO, KldB).