histHub is for anyone working with historical data. histHub addresses the needs of researchers in the field of historical sciences as well as the needs of archives and libraries. Individuals are addressed in the same way as institutional bodies.

In the histHub authority database, feedback can be given directly on the display page of the search result. This function is designed for questions, suggestions and error messages concerning the respective data record. General feedback and suggestions can be communicated via the contact form.

No, histHub does not provide a working environment for your own projects. However, there are several ways to work with your own data at histHub. Thus, data can be recorded as authority files or existing authoriry files can be added (-> Importer). histHub-Lab also offers various tools to enrich and link data (-> Lab).


The open-source-tool OpenRefine is ideal for data synchronization and data enrichment. histHub offers this tool in the lab. The Lab will soon provide other tools that can be used with own data. Database operators can also use Metagrid and GeoLinker networking tools.

histHub has integrated OpenRefine into the lab, because the tool allows many applications and is appreciated and used by a broad community. Especially for institutional users, installing openly developed software is not always easy. That’s why histHub offers OpenRefine in a browser version. In addition, there is an extensive blog series in the Lab with tips and instructions for OpenRefine.

Currently only OpenRefine is available. The lab is a flexible platform for existing tools and is geared to the needs of the users. Accordingly, the supply will widen and change over time. We accept any suggestions gladly.


Authority files can be directly downloaded from the data display page.

At histHub authority file must have a defined minimum of attributes and will be checked by experts.

Yes. histHub authority files are controlled, trusted and permanently saved. Each file has a permanent identifier.